What I’m doing now

This is a “now” page. Obviously, it covers what I’m doing now. Not where I’m on holiday or what I ate for lunch, but life updates I might share with you if we hadn’t seen each other in a while.


When we were in our 20s my buddy Yas said he was doing the 30 under 30 challenge. Visit 30 countries before you turn 30. I was already at 27. He said “double it”. 60 before 30. As I turned 30, I had visited 40-something countries. Then COVID happend. My revised goal is 60 before 40.


We are renovating our house. I naively thought it would be straightforward and we could move in earlier this year. I was wrong. We still haven’t started the work but I’ve learnt so much about the process. The designs are ready and all the paperwork is complete. Now, the hunt for a good builder. Given the holidays and general end-of-year busyness we likely won’t start work until the new year.

Home Automation

Related to the home renovation, I’ve been automating our rental home. It’s a big prototype to help me figure out what works and what I like.


I started this site to share what I learn. I hope it will be useful to at least one other person. I haven’t published anything yet, but I have a handful of draft posts in the works.

Last updated November 1st 2021 from London, UK.

My Articles

How I built new habits: The 66 Day Habit Challenge

How I built new habits: The 66 Day Habit Challenge

Building a new habit is hard. I usually stumble into habits, both good and bad. When I'm deliberate about a habit, it sticks for several days, but if I stumble off track - because of work, travel or life in general - I usually stay off track. Travel disrupts my...

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My top 5 home automation projects

My top 5 home automation projects

I've been automating my house since 2012. I started out with basic home 'automation' which turned the lights on and off at set times. Since I now spend a lot more time at home (thanks COVID!) I've implemented different home automations to help make life at home a...

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